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DOWN4 - Beastie Respond – "Information City" - 12" vinyl album


Image of DOWN4 - Beastie Respond – "Information City" - 12" vinyl album

DOWN4 - Beastie Respond – "Information City" - 12" vinyl album

Release date: September 1st 2017

Please note that any orders received before the release will be shipped from the release date.

A1 – Real Without Origin
A2 – Lullabies for the Lost and Forgotten
A3 – We Never Truly Understood the Architecture
A4 – They Mobilized Ignorance and Slack
A5 – Enter 89
A6 – He Used His Bench Lathe to Form His Wooden Sculpture
B1 – Information City
B2 – A Good Wisdom
B3 – Downloaded 4 R. D4Wkins
B4 – The Truth Hides the Fact That There is None
B5 – Never-Present

Written and produced by Tobias Hjørnet Pedersen.
Mixed by Troels B Knudsen.
Mastered by Joel Krozer.
Design by The Simple Society.
Art by Eva Papamargariti.

Previews: https://soundcloud.com/foul-up/down4-beastie-respond-information-city-previews

Last year it was estimated, that every minute 400 hours' worth of content was uploaded to YouTube, 2,430,555 posts were liked on Instagram, and 6,944,444 videos were watched on Snapchat. And these figures won't stay static. The amount of data we upload, and in turn the amount we consume every year, is growing exponentially. As this expanding data pool grows, making sense of it becomes concurrently more difficult; the distinctions between dream and reality, fact and fiction, truth and lie fade to obscurity.

‘Information City’, the sophomore album from Copenhagen's Tobias Hjørnet Pedersen aka Beastie Respond, attempts to reflect this world in a very direct sense. ‘Information City’ is the simulacrum in which we live and exist, where our cultural identities exist primarily as representations of a real without origin, he explains.

Writing the album Pedersen set no limits on his sample sources, instead taking fragments from a vast array of media, reflecting on the themes outlined above. This resulted in ‘Information City ‘being completely stylistically unchained, giving reference to everything from UK bass genres to electro, footwork and synthwave. 'Downloaded 4 R. D4wkins' for example pits Moving Shadow reminiscent rave stabs against juke-like percussive workouts, while opener 'Real Without Origin' recontextualises cliché trap-style drops with hollowed-out, swaggering low-end, calling to mind recent hybrids of UK Grime and American hip-hop.

At other points, Pedersen eschews the dancefloor entirely. Tracks like 'Lullabies for the Lost and Forgotten' or 'He Used His Bench Lathe to Form His Wooden Sculpture' provide respite from the thunderous barrages of percussion with slurred melodies and dream-like anime soundscapes.

Comprising the fourth release from Foul-Up, ‘Information City’ is a brave proposition for a second album. Pedersen tackles it with vibrance and audacity, inviting us into a fast-paced world of bright lights and unbridled imagination.

– Written by Theo Darton-Moore